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Our Wond3rful Story

 Hi Dear Travelers,

My name is Gabriel and together with my wife Beatrice, we’ve started this unbelievably exciting journey called Wond3rland. And as you might already know, every life-changing idea starts with a passion for something that you strongly believe in and can solve a problem and make a difference in anyone’s life.


In the age of the Internet and Technology, we can easily get caught in a mild addiction to them, ending up wasting too much time and energy, feeling cut off from others and even from our own identity and happiness.

My wife and I had started feeling this way years ago when we got to the point where a change needed to be made in our life. I asked myself – Is this what we want for our future and family? Do we want to become increasingly unable to distinguish between the lived and the alternate realities that produce instant stimulation, pleasure, and reward, forget about what is really important and how to spend your free time and feel good?

The answer was NO – we definitely needed a move to disconnect from our normal routine and get away from the everyday problems. And what a better relaxing and exciting way than traveling? There are so many amazing ways you can benefit from travelling the world: travel is good for your physical, mental and emotional health, travel relieves stress, travel enhances your creativity and boosts both happiness and satisfaction; not to mention that it has a huge impact on your personal and social growth by exploring human interactions and discovering new fascinating places, cultures, foods, etc.

Since we started traveling more and more, every new destination has been a small achievement and has become a little piece of the big puzzle. Adventuring into traveling and taking all these trips, Sarah and I realized that something was missing from the big picture. We were happy with our adventures, but we needed something to keep track of the destinations we have been to and display our personal record of journeys. Yes…a regular world map was a good idea, but for us, it sounded old-fashioned and a little boring.


This was the culminating point that led me to search the internet to find a better option, something modern and unique. That’s when I found out about scratch-off maps. However, looking for an original, reliable and affordable scratch map was more difficult than I thought. Every single one on the market had similar quality and style, countries not well defined and colors that don’t stand out.

And that’s when Wond3rland was born…

Being travelers and working in the design industry, we decided that we should design our own maps that will redefine travel tracking, be over the top and satisfy exactly the customer’s needs. (distinctive and detailed design, high-quality materials, premium scratch layer, vibrant colors, etc)

We wanted to create a premium scratch off map that completes the mission of providing a fun educative resource, a great gift idea for any traveler in your life or just simply a map that helps you mark off all the places you have visited and keep track of your experiences, enables you to share meaningful memories with others and motivates you to go out in the world and explore more.


This little company has a passion for traveling and more importantly, we are passionate about providing excellence to our customers and the special people in their lives.

Thank you for choosing Wond3rland and we wish everyone Happy Travels!

Cheers to you!

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