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April 16, 2018


 The United States is one of the largest countries in the world, and this comes with endowments that make it among the leading tourist destinations. Whether it is her sunny beaches, skyscrapers, monuments, or natural wonders, the country has diversified popular attractions. Besides, to make your journey more amusing, Wond3rland provides you with a new style of maps, which enable you to reflect your beautiful personal record of journeys. Sharing your passion for traveling, our scratch-off-map will help you keep track of your unforgettable travels.

That said, here are the destinations that you ought to visit if you would want to see the world for the beautiful place it is.

Venice beach in Los Angeles

There is not a sight as spectacular as the beachfront neighborhood of Venice Beach found along the manicured sands of the Pacific Ocean. The Venice Boardwalk is perhaps what makes Venice unique. It is most famed for hundreds of street vendors and performers with a wide range of performances such as breakdance, juggling to broken glass walking. You can get a tattoo or piercing and carry home the best souvenirs such as paintings, rocks, and sculptures. To top it all, the diversity of demographics found on the boardwalk probably exceed any other place in the world; meaning Venice Beach is not to be missed.


French Quarter in New Orleans

The French Quarter is one of the most prominent districts in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a reflection of the diminished French colonial influence marked by unique architecture to museums, art galleries, restaurants, and bars. Visitors touring this district learn more about the fascinating history of the area as they explore only to climax it all, with an array of culture and entertainment. St. Louis Cathedral is a major attraction as it is the oldest active Roman Catholic Cathedral in the whole country as well as Jackson Square, the undeniable hub of recreation.


Washington D.C Attractions

Washington D.C is the capital of the United States and has The White House, built between 1782 and 1800; It's the official residence and office of the President of the country. It is the perfect place to learn about U.S. history, such as where Abraham Lincoln was shot, George Washington’s plantation among others. Additionally, it is full of museums and monuments, and a good number of them are free. This is very appealing to school groups and families, which makes this the most visited cities in the country.


Navy Pier in Chicago

No visit to the United States is complete without touring Navy Pier. It is a 50-acre playground in the heart of Chicago’s coastal Streeterville neighborhood with countless attractions. It showcases theatre, music, museums, bars, and restaurants. Its beautiful gardens are perfect for a scenic stroll, and the souvenir shops are a-must-visit to get your friend the unforgettable gift. Furthermore, kids can explore the education wonders of the Chicago Children’s Museum on an entertaining journey they will never forget.

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River Walk in San Antonio

The River Walk is also known as the San Antonio River is just about the most appealing attractions in Texas. It is a network of walkways reserved for pedestrians. The neighborhood is characterized by fascinating architecture, water views, and lush greenery. Visitors can engage in a boat riding along the river, catch a show at the open-air theatre, or get in some shopping at River Center Mall. In addition, you can relive the Alamo’s story in 3D at the IMAX theatre before checking into Esquire Tavern, the oldest bar at the Riverwalk to climax your tour.


New York Attractions

There are only a few more attractions, which are more appealing than those found in America’s most famous city, New York. It is home to American icons such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Statue of liberty. Perhaps what stands out about New York is the fact that it appeals to both domestic and foreign visitors. They both can enjoy leisure walks on the High Line, artwork or parks that feature greenery, and beautiful skyline views. To crown it all, New York has an embarrassment of riches for art lovers owing to its numerous art museums.



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Bottom Line

Traveling the world is a fascinating thing, but it is even more fulfilling when you get to visit the most famous places. The United States is undeniably endowed with many attractions - which are just plain beautiful. Plan your trip and tour the most visited attractions in America today. It will be the adventure of a lifetime!

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